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Do you want to broadcast your faith-based message online? Ministream is your solution! We know you’re looking for ways to remain connected with your audience these days, but lengthy video conferences or typical webinars aren’t for everyone. Instead, make a Ministream - it’s your new method to share your mission. A Ministream is a live stream broadcast of your faith-based message, usually under 20-minutes in length. Our team will help build your presentation, or mini-event, and then we’ll broadcast it live, anywhere online. Now you can create professionally-produced, high-energy, interactive broadcasts to inspire your audience. You could even make a series of unique Ministreams to promote your message in a fresh way each time. We handle all the technical details - we’ll help enhance your content, integrate your graphics, edit your videos, and handle all the live streaming too. We take care of the production, so that you can focus on your message and your audience. Our team of professionals are standing by to assist you every step of the way. Start planning your Ministream today.

What could you Ministream?

  • Make monthly ministreams to build momentum for next year's event

  • Interview an expert

  • Share a zoom-style conversation

  • Interactive games for families

  • Share an impactful story

  • Offer a time of worship with a band

  • Devotionals or testimonies

  • Bible studies

  • A time of prayer together

  • Keynote messages with media

  • Read a story for kids ministry

  • Promote a new product or service

  • Monthly content for your audience

  • Highlight a new curriculum

  • Showcase a big reveal

  • Explain a new feature or how-to

  • Share your mission and vision

  • Unveil a new theme

  • Make a video highlight

Ministream Ideas
  • What is a Ministream?
    (noun) Pronunciation: “min-ih-stream” Ministries + Live Stream = Ministream A Ministream is a live stream video broadcast of your faith-based message, usually under 20-minutes in length. A Ministream is a professionally produced (live) video presentation, designed to share your message with your online audience - your content, our production. Ministream is your new method to share your mission.
  • Who is Ministream made for?
    Ministream is made for faith-based ministries, churches, non-profits, and/or any individuals who have a message to share with an online audience. Whether you represent an organization, or simply have a message to share yourself - everyone who has a mission needs a Ministream.
  • What if I want my Ministream to be longer than 20-minutes?
    You can do that too! We recommend that short, high-energy, fast-paced sessions are the best practice for engaging online content. However, we certainly understand that many scenarios need more time - keynote messages, church services, concerts, training sessions, etc. We’re glad to produce any customized timing or scenario that you have in mind. Do you need a 1-hour live broadcast? 90-minutes? 2 hours? All day? Multi-day conference? Whatever it is, we professionally produce and broadcast that too. Contact Us to explore pricing options for whatever you have in mind.
  • Where can I show my Ministream?
    You can live stream your broadcast anywhere online. Common destinations include: Facebook Live, YouTube Live, embedded on your own website, Periscope, or any rtmp destination that you have access to. After your Ministream is complete, you’ll also have access to a recorded video file of your broadcast. You can then share, post, upload, or send it anywhere you want.
  • How long does it take to make a Ministream?
    The minimum turnaround time for making a Ministream is usually 2-weeks. There are certainly exceptions to this rule based on your content, your technical needs, your video recording capabilities, and your history as a client. However, in general, plan on working with our team of broadcast professionals for 2 weeks to prepare your media, setup your broadcast destinations, confirm your hardware needs, refine your artwork, make your edits, coordinate roles, and prepare your audience for your Ministream.
  • Are there any extra costs?
    Usually not, but it depends on what and where you’d like to broadcast. Features like worship bands may require lyric licensing. You may want to hire professional talent to speak or perform. You may want to include some stock footage or audio to enhance your broadcast. Our team is available to coach you through every step of the process - we’ll help you explore the options, and navigate the costs. You’re not in this alone - we’ll help guide the way to fit your budget and your goals.
  • Is a Ministream truly live or simulated-live? (recorded vs. real-time)
    Either way - whatever you prefer! Most Ministream clients choose to pre-record their video content and then broadcast it as a “simulated-live” post to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and to their own website. A simulated-live broadcast still appears as “live” to your audience. It has the LIVE corner bug in Facebook Live, just like a typical live stream would. However, it gives you the convenience and confidence of gathering all your people and content organized ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about internet connections, video quality, or “what if’s” that may concern you for a truly-live broadcast. We recommend that a simulated-live broadcast is your best practice for making a Ministream. Alternatively, you can broadcast your Ministream as a truly-live experience - as if it were a zoom call, a live webinar, or a virtual meeting. Our team of experts will produce your live stream with professional broadcast software to include your graphics, pre-recorded videos, slides, and remote guests. We can produce your Ministream in real-time, and still broadcast it to all the same destinations. It’s your call - however you prefer.
  • Can I sell my Ministream?
    Yes! You own your Ministream, and all content. You will have access to a finished recorded video file when your Ministream is complete, and you are free to distribute or sell it, however you prefer. You own all rights to your Ministream. Be sure that you have permission and rights to distribute all content that you provide to our team.
  • Can I hire a professional speaker or band to join my Ministream?
    Yes! We love that you are thinking “outside the box.” If you would like to produce a full-scale webinar, virtual conference, or anything beyond the scope of a traditional Ministream, we do that too! We serve your custom needs through Outside the Box Ministries. Ministream is founded and owned by Outside the Box Ministries, a non-profit production company that produces faith-based live events. OtBM has been producing live and virtual events for over 20 years, founded in 1999. No matter what custom scenario you have in mind, Outside the Box Ministries can help you make it a reality. Contact us to let us know what you have in mind!
  • Who is Outside the Box Ministries?
    Thanks for asking! Ministream is founded and owned by Outside the Box Ministries Inc., a non-profit production company that produces faith-based live events. OtBM has been producing live and virtual events for over 20 years, founded in 1999. Since we’re all on the same team, we utilize the power and resources of OtBM anytime you have a custom request beyond the traditional scope of a Ministream. Find out more at
  • Does Ministream record my videos for me?
    No, Ministream does not record your content videos for you. The Ministream team will walk you through the process of recording your videos. Our expert team will talk you through the best practices for recording your content videos and will then use those videos to create your Ministream.
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