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Do you want to broadcast your faith-based message online? Ministream is your solution! We know you’re looking for ways to remain connected with your audience these days, but lengthy video conferences or typical webinars aren’t for everyone. Instead, make a Ministream - it’s your new method to share your mission. A Ministream is a live stream broadcast of your faith-based message, usually under 20-minutes in length. Our team will help build your presentation, or mini-event, and then we’ll broadcast it live, anywhere online. Now you can create professionally-produced, high-energy, interactive broadcasts to inspire your audience. You could even make a series of unique Ministreams to promote your message in a fresh way each time. We handle all the technical details - we’ll help enhance your content, integrate your graphics, edit your videos, and handle all the live streaming too. We take care of the production, so that you can focus on your message and your audience. Our team of professionals are standing by to assist you every step of the way. Start planning your Ministream today.

What could you Ministream?

  • Make monthly ministreams to build momentum for next year's event

  • Interview an expert

  • Share a zoom-style conversation

  • Interactive games for families

  • Share an impactful story

  • Offer a time of worship with a band

  • Devotionals or testimonies

  • Bible studies

  • A time of prayer together

  • Keynote messages with media

  • Read a story for kids ministry

  • Promote a new product or service

  • Monthly content for your audience

  • Highlight a new curriculum

  • Showcase a big reveal

  • Explain a new feature or how-to

  • Share your mission and vision

  • Unveil a new theme

  • Make a video highlight

Ministream Ideas
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