Get your faith-based message online

We'll help you create a short, professionally-produced live streaming broadcast for your audience

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//  Ministream is your new method to share your mission  //


Affordable Video Production for Your Ministry

Our team will help produce your broadcast, and then we’ll simulcast it live, anywhere online.

Now you can create professional, high-energy, interactive broadcasts to inspire your audience.

For only $399 per 20-minute Ministream,

you can share your message without breaking the bank.

Need more time? No worries!

A Ministream (min-uh-streem) is a live stream broadcast of your faith-based message,

usually under 20-minutes in length. However, you can create your ideal streaming event

to be whatever duration you want. Just purchase additional length in 20-minute increments.

How It Works

Want to create your own Ministream? Getting started is easy. Just follow the steps below,

and we will walk with you from concept to completion. We are your professional streaming guide.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Purchase your Ministream

Fill out your

Ministream Info Form

Schedule a call with one of our  Ministream project managers

Step 4

Step 5

Record and Upload video to include in your stream

We produce your Ministream, from concept to broadcast.


What could you Ministream?

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Ministream Features

A Ministream usually includes some combination of the following elements



Someone to greet your audience and transition between elements

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Keynote message, sharing a story, or teaching by an industry expert or featured personality



Get virtual performances by a band, comedian, celebrity, artist, or performer of any sort



Pre-recorded media content -

promos, highlights, explainers



Invite remote guests to participate in Q&A interviews



Publicly record your audience with prizes and awards



Interactive audience features -

chat, poll, game, zoom room



Join in a time of worship together with a local or pro band



Get creative! Imagine any content you want to share.


What You Get With your Ministream?


per 20 min

  • Instant access to our team of professional event producers and video editors

  • Guidance from our team on how to create, film, and deliver your message

  • Professional video editing by our team to enhance and polish your content

  • Remote assistance to solve your hardware, software, and technical needs

  • Live streaming of your Ministream to any locations or platforms online (simulcast)

  • Dedicated Project Manager to guide you through the personalized process

  • Amazing service at an unbeatable price for professional streaming production!


Not sure if you're ready? Do a Coaching Session.

Schedule a call with one of our professional broadcasters. We'll review your needs, offer solutions, suggest best practices, and recommend the best providers in the industry.

This is your brainstorming and problem-solving sandbox, with a pro on your team.

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